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EDSAC was built over more than two years at Cambridge’s first computer laboratory on the New Museums Site – a place that has seen scientific discoveries including the discovery of DNA and JJ Thomson’s discovery of the electron, commemorated on plaques to the left and right of this gate.

EDSAC was built in what had been an anatomy lab, and in the summer staff could smell the formalin which had been used to preserve cadavers and had got into the floorboards.

This Geek’s Guide walking tour will point out where it all happened, can be completed in under an hour and ends in a pub.

In 1931, Alan Turing arrived at King’s College to study mathematics, graduating as one of the top students in his year. That summer, lying in Grantchester meadows a few miles south, he dreamed up a “universal machine” to solve a mathematical conundrum in what became his first published paper, On Computable Numbers and the Entscheidungsproblem.

The machine would read, erase and type automatically based on rules set out in a table of behaviour.

The other side is lined by tall higgledy-piggledy buildings, housing the likes of an old-fashioned sweet shop and a tea room.

Yet King’s Parade is arguably computing’s first street: the concept was invented by a man working in the college behind that gatehouse.