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When you join a game, a chat box displays to the right and connects you with other people playing the same game.
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The logs are then sold in the tunnel at the nursery. ;)Please respect the work of modders and let the map as it is. The following locations are on the Map: Farm(House, 2 grain storage, storage chips, fertilizer and Kalklagerhalle, 2 machine rooms, shelter, straw, washing area, chicken coop with spout, cowshed with pasture, Sheepfold pasture)Bay Wa(Administration building, carriage house, seed storage, Getreideabladedurchfahrhalle, potato and Rübenabladehalle with Art dunghill, 4 elevators)Biogas plant(2 fermenters, storage tanks, CHP container, 2 shelters, scale, operation house, transformer station, 2 drive-through silos and a manure pit)Village(5 houses, gas station, church, castle, construction, machine hall of the farmer)Nursery(Sale Building, Warehouse with seed storage space)Freight depot(Administration building, warehouse, timber yard, Holzverladeplatz)Dealer(Sale Building, Workshop)Spinning(3 factory building with sales outlet)Dairy(Production building)Carpentry(Production buildings, storage chips)Heating plant(Power plant building, Wood storage, transformer station)Restaurant(Restaurant Building, Warehouse and playground)Power supply system(High- and low-voltage poles, house utility poles, substations and distribution boxes)Train route with real tunnel(2 level crossings with barriers, 3 tunnels, railway route is used to transport logs and grain transport)Road network(Almost complete DIY, signs, guard rails, underpasses)Many bran details provide variety on the Map Required Mods: Animation Map Trigger: If you accidentally sold to Kärcher, which is by default starting career start at the washing area, you can watch here the line for copy and paste into your savegame: For questions and problems you may like this sent to me in the comment section.

Have fun with my modification wishes you Stefan_LS!

An investment in shares of a mutual fund whose portfolio consists primarily of various securities or money market instruments that, if held separately, would be assigned to different risk-weight categories, generally is assigned to the risk-weight category appropriate to the highest risk-weighted asset that the fund is permitted to hold in accordance with the investment objectives set forth in its prospectus.

The calculation of credit equivalent amounts is measured in U.

When selecting your equipment and agricultural machinery the mountainous conditions should be considered.

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Unused portions of commitments (including home equity lines of credit and eligible ABCP liquidity facilities) with an original maturity exceeding one year except those listed in paragraph (a)(2)(v) of this section.

Second, the credit-equivalent amount must be assigned to the appropriate risk-weight category using the criteria regarding obligors, guarantors, and collateral listed in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, that the maximum risk weight assigned to the credit-equivalent amount of an interest-rate or exchange-rate contract is 50 percent.

Government or its agencies (to the extent such securities or claims are unconditionally backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government) or the central government of an OECD country; Notes and obligations issued by either the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government; Claims on, and claims guaranteed by, a qualifying securities firm that are collateralized by cash on deposit in the savings association or by securities issued or guaranteed by the United States Government or its agencies, or the central government of an OECD country.

The rating must be in one of the three highest investment grade categories used by the NRSRO.