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At least the bills are higher denominations these days, as Wenner is invited the world over to decorate various public spaces. To Eastern minds, the impermanence of street painting is completely natural, even unremarkable."It is interesting for me to see the way in which the different cultures perceive my work," he writes. They are most fascinated by the drawing style itself, which is very exotic and intriguing to them." "Asphalt Renaissance" is an art book, with startling color photos of the work in situ, often with observers standing around providing context. Although Wenner's own comments are sometimes inspiring and the text is enlightening ("The invention of an entirely new form of perspective was born out of Wenner's need to make an irrefutably original artistic statement within the context of classicism"), I could have done without the layout tricks, including photo captions in obtrusive color bars with faux chalk shadows.There is also a section with video, an artist statement, résumé, and client list.The contact window provides an opportunity to ask questions or make requests.Masterpieces in Chalk was the National Geographic documentary that established 3D Street Painting as a new art form, but only after 15 years could other artists (sometimes with the aid of computer programs) replicate the illusions.Today, artists like Julian Beever, Manfred Stader, Edgar Muller and numerous other artists create 3 Dimensional Pastel Drawings, sometimes original and often emulating Kurt Wenner early works.

It appears to drop deep beneath the ground into another world--one often filled with characters from Greek mythology or a fairytale.

"In Europe and the United States, the impermanence of street painting is foremost in the public's mind. The monumentality of the work also begs for a larger format than this.

But no book could be as incredible as Wenner's live work, which would be difficult to reproduce under any circumstances.

In addition to works of art, Wenner develops educational programs, seminars and workshops, and corporate services.

| This site contains numerous galleries, with pavement art, drawings, architectural designs, paintings, murals, interior and exterior design, fine art and decorative relief.