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In the northern and central repons, central coun Uw in ill SMSA-size classes lost population, but the bigger the SMSA, the more loss there was from the center.

Inmigration t^ central clunties in southern and western SMSA/s that have popil- of one-half to 2 million was modest and diminishing in tne 1970's.

Obviously^ no one likes the rising cost of new housing, but it is unlikely that older housing could have become more attractive without the rise having occurred. Slnco eflma rates, jlthaugh rising In ee Mflnr yeav^ , tend cq ba lew tn small townk J , i E I3 posslb U, In Eha abienec ef grewch, to tnanage wichpuc 26 heur c Qverase. f Ue gtatleng,^ The ahift ffsni present reoldencs to cheie purchasing the Ihar Q^s^i the .0.6 of n.w heuilng, Blnee th. af «^iaring housing itock tindi t:o r.flict tha coic of n.w un U..

Similarly, many will be inconvenienced and some may suffer as a consequence of the sharp cutbacks in local public- sector employ- ment that are underway, but the prospects of widespread local fiscal collapse have seemingly been eliminated, substantially at lea&U by a willingness to cut back on services. Ill U,« suh HMljcs cap Ual ntod; cnln UMum^ft nn n3 p.,.r,fn ancth.r, nnd n tceo Rn Ulon thnt n nltlpo' eco,™! Flrefighci^ig rnflds he a vslyneoyr fune Elfln In almop E all small jurla^ dtetlons and n number sf lafge, lo^ denslcy suburb L;, Ft? this banafici fasldanti wh Q Qwn tholr hortei, Thlt appraach ii app Utd widely In California , and Flsiflda, ^ Llalting Dgvgl DPmgnt.

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'Sfre is iust not enough Sf the right kind of pie to go around, lor tw"mn^r r'irt ''meaningful jobs in the private sector mean indus- r KMobs ^2n w'are^aling with low:ski Ued workers who expect m^'tkn minimum wage^ and prospects for ^dvan«Hnont By i Vtt there were 2 million fewer manufacturing jo Db than there ^W^'^et'^lo^lie'^^^ opport Vinities fbr the urban disidvlntaled of the north and central regions by more cai-eful y b Sr Sg n Snu acturing. and demand mgte serv L^ie^ than gldee con^unl Ev residents. D^tarslnt undtr what gsndicioni fodoral (In csntrait to atatg) rogulation er aip Utdnct U nee^and judtif Ub U to t .ff^.t. ^ Oot«mlne if Che urtsn and teals Ml "-""Is i™p,« ..s»ei»nea nov «qul«d „hen t.d8«l dapar Hiinti and aganei J P«po« and «gulatlona p„«ld Q thi Wp.

this is going to have to mean absolute ded S for the South and the West, barring a return of industry ''■^irffa^ate^ative. of Into Budon n«is W M Ru We both Cangteis and the Ex- eeutlvs Btaneh In fomulatl Bi polieies, and ptograma .

of course; namely^ thc^li S^SS in disadvantage to be able and willing to bake more of the right ni A Tn part this may produce, some , turnaround in the ^^1^ m Sr J^olfft ^^. ^ted motivations more ^^^^^^ ^^^^ £ these hearings, but it does seem clear that th s i& unli Keiy lo oe achieved by something k Ued "balanced national growth. j AMPg Ehe four apeeidfi ««™endltloni , thi re Utlonshlp between |«wth j ...d d«Une 1» the BOit Important in dtlftlni future legislation, Spetifiea Uy th.

This is m sharp contrast to the notion that the northeast and central regions are having prob- lams due to regional redistribution of population, mainly in re- sponse to a search for the sun and other environmental amenities.

Outmigi;ation has certainly ■ been occurring since World War II and, with sufficient retabulation of data for the 1920's, I w^uld guess that we would rmd that it was happening in the 1920's as well. i i;„fr In any event, what seems clear is that tne forces leading to - dispersal of activity from metropolis have been with us for a long / time Tbey are based deeply in the technolofy of transition from/ industrial to post-industrial society and they been progressive-/ V reinfbrced by technological change.