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A jury has heard Brisbane socialite Maureen Boyce died after she was stabbed multiple times with a cooking knife, with the final blow so deep it impaled her to her bed.
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And I had to let people know it with the only tool I had: comedy.

(Actually, I also had one of those little wrenches that came with the IKEA Fjälkinge shelf, but I didn’t think I could take on bigotry with that.) Even though I went to graduate school for African-American Studies and public policy (not at all for comedy), and even though I didn’t know it at the time, graduate school was preparing me for this work.

So my still burgeoning mind decided to embrace the struggle, embrace that blackness.

That event sparked a little something we now like to call Islamophobia. We lived in Virginia until I was 7-years-old, and I remember in kindergarten a girl yelled at me for being “a communist.” How embarrassing for her: she had the political regime all wrong! I was in grad school, hard at work being politically black—preaching the words of Medgar Evers and Malcolm X.

I thought this little spike in Muz-hate was going to dissipate quickly. I really thought, how could people associate this kind of violence with a whole religion (Islam) and an entire region (the Middle East)— that’s just crazy! I came back with the very clever retort: “You mean Islamic Republic.” And that’s about as much as either of us could say on geopolitics. After the hostage crisis, Muslims kinda went on the back burner. But not too busy for the classic hating on black people. I memorized an argument on the critical race theory underpinning of The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air.

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