People riot silence 2 end dating violence

And he is looking after his mother as he is all she has left.

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Flip a coin this is a hard one, getting your children a cell phone depends on their attitude their responsibility their maturity their reasons, your reasons.

I get a small allowance a week but it's is not enough.I can attest to this, privacy for me is limited in my home.I see a lot of kids on here in the comment section not many parents, most of the kids are 13 or 11. Kids don't need phones till there at least a teenager, but the world's a crazy place.there’s nothing that can help me because i get 3 bucks for allowance a month and 10 cents for any additional yeah in high school you have to have one because the teachers make you take pictures of the board instead of writing so i’m screwed.If you are a young person and really want a phone make an offer to your parents to pay for a portion of the cell phone and even a portion of the cell phone bill every month, politely and respectfully calmly and quietly explain to them your situation, you are whatever age you are everyone else has one you feel left out oh, you don't fit in oh, you can't talk to anybody.