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Th concept of "devolution" did not exist as there was no written constitution, as is the case even today in Britain.The vicedroys were subject to the King of the whole Island who also was gradually recognized as the protector of Buddhism, and guardian of the tooth relic of the Buddha.With the rise of British power in the 18 to 19th century, the Dutch were replaced by the British as the colonial masters of the Dutch possessions, and finally the whole of Ceylon in 1815.

Similarly, the name Lanka → Ilankai was adapted during the Cankam period into Dravidian languages, giving its Tamil form Ilankai, .

The 1818 rebellion as well as other uprisings were brutally suppressed by the new British rulers using genocidal measures.

The Kandyans were dispossessed of their land which was rapidly converted to coffee plantations, and subsequently to tea.

However, the name Salaka was also used in Greek, at the time.

`Taprobane' is believed to be derived from `Tambapanni', a name allegedly given to the island by Founder-Prince, Vijaya, because of the golden brown sands of the coast near Mannar (Manthota) where he landed.